A vow to start blogging regularly

Redfish caught on fly by Don Alcala

It has been way to long since I have posted on my blog, after meeting a blogger from Canada (chroniclesofcod.com) who is 30 or so days in on a trip all over the Americas I have decided that it’s time to start posting. Most of his posts are short and to the point, the same with his videos. His grammar and speech is raw, which inspired me not to be as crucial on my writing as I was in the past, which inspired me to blog more.

My last post was August 16th. I plan on going back as far as I remember and posting trips that I can remember. I don’t remember the exact days that the trips happened but do remember roughly the time of year.

Just a quick recap of what I have been doing from August until now. There have been trips to the Guadalupe river for trout, river fishing trips that yielded a lot of white bass and a monster crappie. Redfishing trouters from California and Colorado, some odd species of fish that I have caught on the fly, and sadly some bait soaking.

23″ Trout caught on a popper

23″ Trout caught on a popper

I made a cast, popped the popper a few times and then I lost it as a wave broke so I started stripping really fast to catch up to it. When I finally caught up to the fly, I felt weight so I set the hook and the fish took off. She got me 20 yards into backing then I brought it to the jetties. She came to the surface and rolled, I though she was a medium sized red, then she took off again and got me 10 yards into backing. I continued reeling her in and finally landed her. Caught on a black bass popper.